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NBWC - est. 2015

Our goal is to send off each wrestler to high school with commitment, motivation, and passion for the sport of wrestling.

Our focus is to engrain each wrestler with a strong understanding of core wrestling fundamentals while also ensuring that their attitude, work ethic, and ability to effectively drill technique position them for success at the highest level.

We separate our practices by each individual wrestler’s ability to focus, drill, and demonstrate the technique they learn and by the way they conduct themselves on and off the mat. Age and accolades have no influence over where a wrestler aligns with our program. We currently have practices for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Parents are welcome in our practice room if they are willing to help and work with all wrestlers. Otherwise, we have a very nice waiting area. We encourage parents to learn and participate as most wrestlers at the highest level have parents who are actively involved.

We operate out of our own private facility in New Boston and allow off-hours access to our members. It’s an advantage few wrestlers in the country have and is most definitely a contributing factor to the success we have earned as a program.

2024 Season Accomplishments


Address: 37272 Huron River Dr. New Boston, MI 48164  
Phone Number: 734-363-4423